Cherrytree Players

The Cherrytree players are a highly acclaimed local theatre group that performs upstairs in the intimate Cherrytree Theatre. Run by the energetic Sandra Kinsella, the Cherrytree Players perform varying genres such as musical theatre, comedies, tragedies and Irish classics.

For further information on the Cherrytree Players and for up-to-date information on future Cherrytree Players productions please follow them on Cherrytree Players Facebook.

“No words. Fantastic. Well done to all”

Upcoming Shows

Sherlock Gnomes Does It Again – Sold Out

30 Nov, 1 Dec, 7 Dec & 8 Dec 2019.
We are delighted to announce that all 4 dates for our seasonal Panto ‘Sherlock Gnomes Does It Again’ are fully SOLD OUT. Thank you so much for your continued support.


Previous Shows

A Musical Showdown – Sold Out

7July, 13 July & 19 July 2019.

A Musical Showdown is the most recent production from the Cherrytree Players. A musical extravaganza of all time musical favourites.

Tickets available on sale in the Cherrytree from Sunday 7th July from 12pm to 4pm. Show runs from Sat 13th July to Friday 19th July.

By The Bog Of Cats – Sold Out

Hester Swaine is having a bad day. It hasn’t been going well for her for some time and today, in particular, isn’t looking much better. Hester, abandoned at childhood by her mother, has lived a very tough and hard life.

Hester has always lived at the fringe of the community both in spirit and in place. The play takes place in the course of a single day. And it’s not just any old day.

It’s the wedding day of her child’s father to another woman. There is blood, history, loves lost, Furies disappointments and treachery all served up on the same day. Hesters traveller past also allows her to dip in to the spirit world in a way that the local community would never dare to.

It’s on this day that Hesters life will unravel and we will meet All those that haunt her, some living, some dead and some in between. This is Hesters day. A single day. The day of her swansong the Bog of Cats runs until Friday May 4th at 8 pm sharp