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We are working away behind closed doors to make sure a warm & safe welcome is in place. It’s all about taking care of the family 🙂
We are aiming for Mid July. More updates to follow as we get nearer to the time. #StaySafe

We are also so glad to announce that WOWBURGER have started serving food at the Cherrytree.
If you haven’t already, drop down for the best burger in Walkinstown!

family at work during quarantine
Spray can on a piece of wood being prepared
Keep Calm and wash your hands with soap poster
WOWBURGER new sign
Guinness quality team driver in front of the gates


When are you opening? 
19 July 

Can I book? 
No bookings are being taken just yet. 

Is food being served? 
WOWBURGER is serving the most delicious burgers in Walkinstown.
At the moment, food is only being served as take-away. 

Can I bring my Elderly family member? 
We are taking as many safety precautions as we can.
From sanitation areas, to new pods to help with distancing.

If there is anything else that we can help you with, please feel free to contact us, via our Facebook page, Email or Phone.